25 – 30 Sept: Drawing the Mandala of Tara with Andy Weber

Learning the sacred art of the Tibetan Buddhist mandala with a qualified teacher is a very rare opportunity, and we bring you internationally renowned Andy Weber who will lead this 5-day workshop on drawing the mandalas of the female Buddha Tara. In addition to learning the symbolism and hands-on techniques of drawing a mandala of Tara, over the weekend Andy will demonstrate the painting techniques so you can continue colouring your mandala at home.


Mandala of White Tara – an example of Andy’s work and what will be taught in the workshop

Tara Mandala ( Tib: Droljang khyil.khor )
Born from the tears of Avalokitesvara, the buddha of compassion, Tara grants protection and relief from suffering.  According to the myth, Green Tara appeared to the right of Avalokitesvara as the principle of active compassion that overcomes obstacles. White Tara, whose devotional practices overcomes illness and extends one’s life span, sat to his left side. Called the “ mother of all buddhas,” she promises assistance when called upon. The three outer rings (fire, vajras, petals) of her mandala protect the inner sanctuary, her palace and the practitioner. Viewing the mandala is regarded as a personal blessing.

About the course


Chittamani Tara mandala

Andy will guide students through the process of drawing the Mandala, either the Green or White Tara Mandala. For those students with Highest Yoga initiation he will instruct the Cittamani Tara Mandala. Meditation and mantra recitation will enhance and deepen the experience of this courses. He’ll provide hands-on-tuition to draw the mandala and share insight into painting techniques used to complete the works.
It is not the end result what matters but the path getting there.

Beginner’s course. No artistic talent/experience required; genuine interest in the subject is preferred.

25 Sept Tuesday 7:00pm free public talk on the Art of the Mandala and introduction to the course

26-30 Sept Weds – Sunday for registered course participants. Optional weekend-only package available for Friday night – Sunday.

Andy Weber photo from his website permitted to use

For more about Andy Weber and his artwork, visit his website andyweberstudios.com

Lists of materials students need to buy in advance and bring for the course:



If you are traveling without a car and cannot bring a drawing board, please contact us and we can quote a price to buy it locally and provide it for you. Supplies are more expensive in our beautiful but remote location, so we recommend making the arrangements to bring everything with you.

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