Oct 5-7: Mindfulness as a Way of Life with Hedwig Bakker

meditation-1287207_1920Practicing Mindfulness means learning to relax and stay present with a non-judging and friendly awareness. We can cultivate it by paying attention – on purpose and carefully – to the contents of this moment in a friendly and allowing way.

In daily life we often are not very present or mindful, instead acting on impulse, under the influence of conditioning and strong habit patterns. When life situations become difficult or challenging, we have the tendency to escape, to turn away. With a mindful attitude we can be more present, aware and successful in every moment of your life, and we can deal more skillfully and effectively with inner and outer difficulties.

What to expect in the retreat:

  • Practicing several aspects of mindfulness in sessions of sitting meditation, walking meditation, while eating and while moving.
  • Developing familiarization with the essential attitudes of mindfulness: non-judging, non-striving, beginners mind, acceptance, presence, patience, letting go.
  • Learning how to apply the attitude of mindfulness in day-to-day life.
  • Practicing for the weekend in silence.

HedwigThis course is suitable for anyone new to mindfulness practice as well as for those who are already familiar with it: they can deepen their understanding and experience.

Mahamudra Centre warmly welcomes back Hedwig Bakker to lead this retreat.


The first session of the course is at 7:30pm on Friday night, and finishes at 3:30pm on Sunday. Delicious and homemade vegan meals (with dairy provided on the side) provided from breakfast on Saturday through lunch on Sunday for $52.50. If you are arriving before 6:00pm on Friday, you can add dinner for an additional $7.50. Gluten-free available on request for an additional $5 for the weekend.

We offer this course to you on a donation basis. To register, you just need to pay for food and your choice of accommodation, and you can add a donation in whatever amount you can afford to give with an open heart. If you need to cancel, we’ll refund your money minus a $50 administration fee until 24 hours before the retreat begins, at which time the registration is non-refundable. Please fill out our online booking inquiry and we’ll get back to you shortly to confirm your space and choice of accommodation.