6 Sept – 3 Dec 2019 Vajrasattva Empowerment and Retreat with Geshe Thupten Wangchen and Bhikshuni Lozang Yönten


Give your life and mind the ultimate karmic detox. There is no negativity that cannot be purified with Vajrasattva and the four opponent powers.

It is said that we have achieved all the qualities—clairvoyance, psychic powers, the eight siddhis, common powers, etc.—countless times in the past, but they did not free us from the suffering of samsara, because we did not cease the cause of the suffering. Therfore we need to purify our mindstream and fully develop the mind that cherished others.

If you want others to love you, you must first love others. If you benefit others, naturally they will  benefit you. The cause and effect of karma is as simple as this.

The Vajrasattva purification practice, which is more powerful than negative karma, can prevent you from experiencing the problems that negative karma would otherwise bring you. Thus, the practice of purification is one of the most important solutions to our problems and is extremely necessary, even for people who believe that we have only one life. 

Doing Vajrasattva retreat is not simply about reciting the mantra and saying some prayers. It is about making the practice effective for your mind, making it the quickest, most powerful way to transform your mind. Experienced meditators have advised that, in general, it is more important to put your everyday life’s effort into the practice of purification. This is the way to attain spiritual realisation. – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The traditional “preliminary” practices prepare the mind for successful tantric meditation by removing hindrances and accumulating merit. They are found in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism and are usually done 100,000 times each; the four main practices are recitation of the refuge formula, mandala offerings, prostrations and Vajrasattva mantra recitation. The three-month Vajrasattva retreat and fire puja completes this practice and launches our future practice to deeper levels.

Geshe Wangchen Head Shot.JPGNEW! We are pleased to announce that Geshe Thupten Wangchen will be offering the Vajrasattva empowerment at the start of the retreat: a pre-requisite for this empowerment is already having taken a highest yoga tantra initiation. If you already have specifically a highest yoga tantra Vajrasattva initiation, you need to have kept all your committments to do the retreat as an approach retreat. If you have broken your commitments, you can either re-take the initiation with Geshe Wangchen, or do the retreat simply for the merit and purification.

Ven Yonten in NZ HillsThe retreat will be led in a way that nurtures both solitary introspection and community support and is suitable for all sincere practitioners of Buddhism who have the Vajrasattva empowerment. Venerable Yönten will lead the retreat combining the traditional essentials of strict retreat together with flexibility to respond to the needs of the group. There will be teachings, practice resources, and optional discussion group time.

Registration is not yet open, however there will be packages for either the full three-month retreat or one-month options. Register your interest in attending by contacting us and we’ll notify you when registration begins.