Feb 22-24: Finding Calm in the Chaos: Meditation Retreat with Hedwig Bakker

Hedwig is back to lead another weekend retreat!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by what daily comes towards you via tv, newspaper, mobile phone, internet, work, people, family, relationships etc?

Are you unable to stop the incessant self-talk that is going on in your mind?

How often do you wish you could switch it off? Or turn down the volume?

Do you have the feeling that your mind is living a life on its own?

It is possible to calm the mind. You can learn and apply simple tools to get hold of the mind, find balance, and give it a rest.

We will practice several techniques to center and calm the mind during sessions of sitting meditation, walking meditation and spending time in nature. These techniques can easily be applied in daily life.

What to expect in the retreat:

  • Plenty of time to practice in an easeful way
  • Experience the benefits of a peaceful and focused mind
  • Learn how to sit properly and how to set up a daily meditation practice
  • Get a taste of what it means to be in retreat

This retreat is suitable for anyone new to meditation as well as for those who are already familiar with it: they can deepen their understanding and practice.

This retreat will be conducted in silence

Mahamudra Centre warmly welcomes back Hedwig Bakker to lead this retreat.


The first session of the course is at 7:30pm on Friday night, and finishes at 3:00pm on Sunday. Delicious and homemade vegetarian meals are provided from dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday. A gluten-free option is available on request.

Course Fee:  $123.00 plus donation      

Course fees include the base fee and food (from dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday).

Please include a donation to the centre to cover costs of retreat leader’s travel, food and stipend.

Those attending may also wish to make an offering to the retreat leader at the end of the retreat.

Price does not include accommodation; however, we are offering accommodation at a 25% discount for this retreat


If you need to cancel, we’ll refund your money minus a $50 administration fee until 24 hours before the retreat begins, at which time the registration is non-refundable. Please fill out our online booking inquiry and we’ll get back to you shortly to confirm your space and choice of accommodation.

To register, please complete the form below and we will email the booking information to you.