Group and Individual Retreats

Group Retreats

Mahamudra Centre offers Tibetan Buddhist teaching and practice retreats throughout the year led by a variety of FPMT teachers and facilitators. Different courses are appropriate for different levels of experience, so while we try to indicate this in the course descriptions, please contact us if you have questions about the best retreat for you.

Individual Retreatant or a Guest?

Mahamudra at Dusk copyRetreat means retreating from worldly activities and bringing one’s focus to one’s internal processes – one’s mind. We welcome individuals who want to deepen their spiritual practice and meditation through private retreat. Typically individual retreatants are in silence, spend minimal time interacting with others, stay for a month or longer, and keep to a boundary of the centre and surrounding hills. We recommend that individual retreatants have a structured schedule and seek advice from their spiritual teacher about the best practices to do in retreat. Special rates are offered to monks and nuns and these long-term individual retreatants. Our staff meets with you to create an individual retreat contract and provides the logistical support such as weekly shopping so you can withdraw from daily life and spend time in contemplation and practice.

Retreat is also used as a more common term for spending time in a quiet and relaxing place for leisure activities such as self-study, writing, reading, yoga, light meditation, and some time for relaxation. In this case, we consider you a guest rather than an individual retreatant, and welcome you to stay and get the benefits of our centre in this way as well.

Please use our booking enquiry form if you’d like to come as a guest or an individual retreatant.

Coming as a Group

We are also happy to rent our facility to groups looking to do spiritual retreat from any faith tradition in a lovely and peaceful setting. Make sure you’re familiar with our guidelines for visitors and residents, since these would still be in place during your time here.