Prayers and Pujas

Information about our many prayers, practices, and holy days are below. For dates, please see our online calendar, or sign up on our email list (and be sure to select the box under Tell Me About called “Pujas” to get puja dates and reminders).


Based on advice from our Spiritual Director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Mahmudra Centre holds regular pujas on auspicious days according to the Tibetan lunar calendar.

The pujas are:

Puja 2.jpg

The centre staff and visitors doing a puja and light offerings on Saka Dawa, 2018

Medicine Buddha: for healing of body and mind, and benefitting the ill and recently deceased. Chanted in English.

Guru puja with tsog: Prayers and special offerings to the Spiritual Teacher (Guru) to accumulate merit for the centre and anyone participating. For Rinpoche’s studets, tsog is also a commitment if you have highest yoga tantra initiation. Depending on the chantmaster, may be in English or Tibetan, or a mix.

Tara puja: extensive prayers and offerings to Buddha Tara, who removes obstacles and swiftly accomplishes whatever is most beneficial. Chanted mostly in English, some parts may be in Tibetan.

Anyone can sponsor a puja or sponsor special practices on holy days to benefit a loved one or help remove obstacles. A suggested donation of $50 is recommended for pujas to help cover the altar offerings of food or flowers, as well as offerings to the monks and nuns who attend to help perform the pujas.

You can make a sponsorship in any amount by bank transfer, cash or card on site, or online through our GiveALittle page. In the comment field, please provide your personal dedication, which will be read aloud at the end of the puja along with your name as the donor (or anonymous if preferred). The site charges a 5% fee, so you might like to add that to the total amount so we get your full intended donation.

The end of pujas are also a very auspicious time for attendees to make offerings to the monks and nuns. Typically this is done at the end of a puja (usually during the Auspicious Verses) by placing envelopes of cash of any amount on the desk of each sangha member. This is done as a practice of generosity, gratitude to the people who dedicate their lives to the study and practice of Dharma for our benefit, and understanding about the merit of making offerings to someone who holds the vows of the sangha member.

Special pujas and prayers can also be requested and sponsored – for instance if a loved one is sick or recently deceased. Please contact our Spiritual Program Coordinator if you would like help with special arrangements.

Holy Days

Animal Blessing cropped

Walking animals around our stupa as part of a special animal blessing ceremony

On special holy days during the year celebrating events in the Buddha’s life and special teachers in our lineage, Mahamudra Centre has special prayers and practices throughout the day as recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, our Spiritual Director. These days are merit-multiplying days, so especially good for prayers, practices, and acts of kindness and generosity.