Living & Dying Peacefully

Four Day Residential Retreat ~ Anzac Weekend 23 – 26 April

Would you like to have a calm, healthy and peaceful mind for your daily life and at the time of death?


If so, come and learn the Buddhist way of developing this, and explore the Buddhist approach to life, death and after death. This course will provide you with tools to compassionately and skilfully talk about death, support others through their death process and prepare yourself for your own peaceful passing. We will also cover subjects such as the different stages, dissolutions, and internal and external signs that occur during the death process according to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. 


If there is one certain thing in life, it is death. It can come at any time, and it can be a beautiful process, if we are prepared for it.

During this course we will cover topics such as:

–    Developing a peaceful mind for daily life

–     Death for a Buddhist

–     How to support others during their death process

–     How to prepare yourself for your own death.

–     The death process & meaningful living through thought transformation

About the Teacher

Venerable Thubten Khadro

Ven. Khadro was born in Venezuela of European parents, emigrated to a New Zealand in 2004, and has led courses and retreats in New Zealand, Australia, Colombia, India, Nepal and Germany. Her international background allows her to have an open, friendly and warm manner. Ven. Khadro is currently studying an online Master Programme in Buddhist Philosophy and lives in semi-retreat at Lawudo, a hermitage in the Himalayas, Nepal. She is a Buddhist Hospice / Healthcare Chaplain, an FPMT registered teacher, and has served in various FPMT centres around the world.

Ven. Khadro, who has a unique gift to make these authentic, ancient teachings relevant to the 21st century and our modern lives.

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This covers the centers facility fee and fully catered, healthy vegetarian meals (gluten free options are available).

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