Practice Days @ Mahamudra

Practice days are open drop in days for the community. If you are a practicing Buddhist or for those that wish to learn about the practices and rituals performed by Mahayana practitioners. Mahamudra currently has two Sangha members to guide us and teach us according to our level. We do not charge for practice days, but donations and contributions towards offerings are welcome.

Pujas are held extra to the practice days, and are dependent on other activities. Notification is done closer to the days and by text or email. If you wish to be added to the Puja list please fill in a contact form.

Purification Practice Day

11th July & 8th August

The Buddha taught that “it is owing to the development of virtue, concentration, and wisdom, that enlightenment has been fully realized.” In order to learn how to properly apply these three agents of purification-virtue, concentration, and wisdom we need to learn from our mistakes—and purification is synonymous with this act of learning.

The purification practice of prostration to the 35 Buddhas removes emotional burdens and pacifies obstacles to our spiritual practice.

Vajrasatva practices are used both to purify obscurations so that the student can progress in their practices and also to purify any broken vows. In addition to personal practice, the Vajrasatva mantra is regarded as having the ability to purify karma, bring peace, and cause enlightened activity in general.

The practice of Dorje Khadro comes highly praised for its power to purify negative karma in general, but especially for its ability to purify obstacles.


  • 10am: Prostrations to the 35 Confession Buddhas. If you can’t prostrate you can still join and recite the names of these Buddhas. This brings incredible purification as well.
  • 11am: Vajrasattva purification recitation & meditation.
  • 12pm: BYO Lunch, refreshments provided
  • 1.30pm: Recitation of the Heart Sutra and meditation on emptiness. Meditating on emptiness is the most powerful purification practice. Followed by Recitation of the Vajra Cutter Sutra.
  • 3.00pm: Dorje Khadro Fire Puja Purification (weather dependent)

Vajrasattva, painted by Nepali-Tibetan artists. Photo courtesy of FPMT

Merit Practice Day

25 July & 22 August

Merit  is a beneficial and protective force which accumulates as a result of good deeds, acts, or thoughts. There are many positive acts one can do to gain merit in each day such as: 

Setting up an altar and making offerings are an integral part of the preliminary practices taught by Buddha to enable us to engage in successful meditation. By doing this practice daily, our minds become ripe for realizations. Other practices that help one to generate an altruistic loving intention are included in this practice day. 


  • 10am: Water bowls offerings ~ extensive practice
  • 11am: Loving-kindness meditation & practice of Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion. With recitation of the compassion mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum, to open and cultivate a warm loving heart. This practice is mainly to develop Bodhichitta.
  • 12pm: BYO Lunch, refreshments provided
  • 1.30pm: Recitation of the Names of Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom and recitation of the Tara Praises ~ Tara is the Female Buddha of enlightened activity.
  • 3.00pm: Extensive dedication prayers

1000 arm Chenrezig

Green Tara