Recognising Natural Awareness

Weekend Meditation Retreat with Hedwig Bakker

9-11 October

Many people think that meditation means: sitting calmly in a quiet place with perfect conditions and a peaceful smile, thinking of nothing, having an empty mind, and looking for a particular, special state of mind like peace, joy, bliss. Or they think of meditation as strong concentration, and something you do only on a sitting cushion as a formal practice.

However, meditation is about connecting with awareness: recognising awareness and maintaining that recognition. Awareness meditation emphasises awareness of present moment experience, whatever the experience is.

So, however our life might spin off, however challenging things get: this simple presence of awareness is always right there. It’s innate qualities: peacefulness, vividness, present, calm, warmth, kindness and total freedom are always available to us.

At any time we can come home, come home to who we really are and come back to the qualities that are inherent in us as humans.


This retreat will be conducted in silence and is suitable for anyone new to meditation

as well as for those with previous experience.


What to expect in the retreat:

-Practice during guided sessions of sitting, walking, and gentle movement

-Experience the benefits of being in retreat and practicing together

-Recognise what you already have, what you already are: your true nature

Hedwig Bakker

Hedwig has been practicing meditation since 2000 and has completed many individual and group retreats. She has been leading meditation classes, courses and retreats in India, Nepal, the Netherlands and New Zealand since 2004. These many years of personal practice and leading retreats & courses have resulted in a richness of experience and a genuine joy in sharing, guiding and leading others in meditation practice.  

Hedwig’s courses & classes are universal and suitable for people from all walks of life, with or without any spiritual inclination. Her approach is joyful, practical, gentle, down to earth and yet with a sense of lightness and humour.


Program outline

  • FRIDAY – starts with Registrations 1 – 5 pm, dinner @ 6 pm, an intro talk and your first meditation session with Hedwig
  • SATURDAY  – starts at 7 am with a Sitting Practice and setting a Motivation for the day and ending at 8.45 with a guided meditation
  • SUNDAY – starts at  7 am  with a  Sitting Practice and setting a Motivation for the day  and ends at 3.15 pm. 

Your Investment is....

This covers the centers facility fee and fully catered, healthy vegetarian meals (gluten free options are available).

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Accommodation - Prices per night

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Camping per person (no electrical hook-ups)                       $18.00 

Dormitory per person (w/ shared toilet facilities)                 $28.00 

Double Room per person (w/ shared toilet facilities)          $35.00 

Single Room (w/ shared toilet facilities)                                $49.00 

Tara Hut (w/ shared toilet facilities)                          $49.00 

Single Cabin (self-contained)                                     $80.00 

Deluxe Single Cabin (self-contained)                     $100.00 

Double Cabin (self contained)                                 $100.00

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