Effortless Breathing, Effortless Awareness, Effortless Ease

Silent Weekend Meditation & Qigong Retreat

8 – 10 October 2021

With Hedwig Bakker

We are hard-wired to be doing, doing, doing, always ‘on’, always on the go and exerting ourselves. This can be exhausting and draining. We tend to put a lot of effort into everything we do, and this way of functioning seems to be deeply ingrained in our bodies and in our minds.

But there is another way.

How about moving with ease, breathing with ease, working with ease, being with ease, living with ease?

We can change our internal patterns and learn how to function without too much striving, without tension, easeful and effortless.

The goal in our practice: to meet life with relaxation, flow and effortless ease rather than with stress, tension, anxiety. Learn to relax in the face of the challenges, difficulties and unpredictability of life, because where we have influence and power is over our internal energy.

In this retreat you are being offered a different way of being, a different way of engaging with the world and with others. A way of making use of energies and rhythms that are already there: within us and all around us. We can go with the flow instead of swimming upstream, which is a struggle.

We will explore and strengthen this quality of effortless ease through sitting meditation, walking meditation and Qi Gong based movement. Our goal then is to bring this quality into everyday life as a powerful inner attitude to live by: enriching our days, our functioning in the world and our connections with others so that we can live more fulfilling lives.

Qi Gong (pronounced “chi kong”) is an ancient Chinese practice of working with your internal energy through gentle movement, standing postures, breathing exercises and meditation. It is a nourishing practice to improve your state of being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and has a rich connection with the natural world.

Qi Gong is often called a moving meditation.

Practicing Qi Gong & meditation is all about uncovering your inner resources for health, happiness, well-being and fulfilment.

The silent nature of this retreat will serve as beautiful support for this inner journey.

What to expect:

-Practice during alternating sessions of sitting meditation, walking meditation and gentle movement

-Experience the power and benefits of Qi Gong and meditation practice

-Explore how to shift from a mode of ‘doing’ towards one of ‘being’

-Learn the skill of effortless ease, allowing yourself to be more natural and relaxed, and how to apply this in everyday life



1-4pm: Arrivals and check-in

5:30pm: Orientation Talk

6 pm: Dinner


7.30pm: Welcome & First Session




7-7.45am: Sitting & Movement Practice and setting a Motivation for the day


7.45-9am: Breakfast


9-10.30am: Sitting Practice & Walking Meditation


10.30-11am: Break


11-12.30pm: Qi Gong Practice


12.30pm: Lunch


2-3.30pm: Sitting Practice & Walking Meditation


3.30-4pm: Break


4-5.30pm: Qi Gong Practice


6 pm: Dinner


7.30pm: Sitting & Movement Practice




7-7.45am: Sitting & Movement Practice and setting a Motivation for the day


7.45-9am: Breakfast


9-10.30am: Sitting Practice & Walking Meditation

10.30am-11am: Break

11-12:30pm Qi Gong Practice

12.30pm: Lunch

1.30-2.30pm: Concluding Session of Sitting  & Movement


About the Teacher: Hedwig Bakker

Hedwig has been practicing meditation since 2000 and has completed many individual and group retreats. She has been leading meditation classes, courses and retreats since 2004 in India, Nepal, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

She also is a certified Holden Qi Gong teacher and these many years of personal practice and leading retreats and courses have resulted in a richness of experience and a genuine joy in sharing, guiding and leading others in meditation practice.

Hedwig’s courses and classes are universal and suitable for people from all walks of life. Her approach is joyful, gentle, practical, down to earth, and with a sense of lightness and humour.

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This covers the centre’s facility fee and fully catered, healthy vegetarian meals (vegan/gluten free options are available).

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Accommodation prices per night

Camping per person (unpowered)                             $20

Dormitory per person (shared toilet facilities)         $32

Single room (shared toilet facilities)                         $55

Rustic single hut (shared toilet facilities)                 $55

Single cabin (self-contained)                                           $100

Double room (shared toilet facilities)                   $76 (for 2)

Double cabin (self- contained)                            $100 (for 2)

Triple room                                                               $94 (for 3)

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