Meditation Retreat with Venerable Thubten Khadro

Calming the Mind with Wisdom

24 - 27 February 2020

This retreat will help you to develop a focused and concentrated mind through the calm abiding meditation also known as shamatha. It will have a strong emphasis on gaining understanding and becoming more familiar with the correct view of reality; the view of emptiness. 

The meditation practice will generate a calm, concentrated mind. You will guided to focus first on the breath, gradually moving to being mindful of mental activity and moving to an even subtler inward focus to being mindful of awareness of awareness.

Participants will leave with a grounded appreciation of the view of emptiness and how to practically apply this wisdom into their daily lives.

The retreat have periods of silence allowing participants to build a regular practice. 

About the Retreat Leader

Venerable Khadro was born in Venezuela and raised in Argentina. In 2004 she immigrated to New Zealand where she first encountered Tibetan Buddhism. Since then she has engaged in formal Buddhist studies and has served in various FPMT Centers,  led many projects  and courses in NZ, Australia, Colombia, India, Nepal and Germany. Venerable Khadro is currently the Spiritual Program Coordinator of Root Institute in Bodhgaya, India.

Venerable Khadro’s “international” background and experiences allows her to have an open, friendly, warm and approachable manner.

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Program outline

On the Friday – registrations start upon arrival (12-4 pm).  The two full days start and end with guided meditations and a stretching class is provided each day to support the participants. The final day of the retreat ends after lunch.

The retreat coincides with Losar which is the Tibetan New Year and is run through part of in the 15 days of Miracles, a very auspicious time. Mahamudra plans to have celebratory practices which are open to retreat participants as well as the wider community. Details will be provided on the events page. 

Meditation Retreat Course Costs​

Calming the Mind with Wisdom


This cost covers a facility fee and fully catered vegetarian meals.

Accommodation including camping, is available at the Centre at extra cost as well as  in the surrounding Coromandel area. Centre accommodation is offered at a 20% discount to retreatants attending the course.

10% membership discounts are also applicable for members (please contact the Main Office)

View our Cancellation Policy.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation including camping, is available at the Centre at an extra cost as well as  in the surrounding Coromandel area. Centre accommodation is offered at a 20% discount to those attending the course.

Prices per person/ per night

Single Room (w/ shared toilet facilities)                $49.00 – 20% = $39.20

Twin Share (w/ shared toilet facilities)                  $70.00 – 20% – $28.00

Bed in the Dormitory (w/ shared toilet facilities)  $28.00 – 20% = $22.40

Tara Hut (w/ shared toilet facilities)                       $49.00 – 20% = $39.20

Single Cabin (self-contained)                                   $80.00 – 20% = $64.00

Deluxe Cabin (self-contained)                                 $100.00 – 20% = $80.00

Camping (no hook-ups)                                            $18.00 – 20% = $14.40

Please note your accommodation option on the booking form and we will send you the confirmation details.

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