Wish List

Below is our wish list: items that we need in order to continue to provide a peaceful, inspiring place for people to visit. If you have something to offer that isn’t on our list, we might still need it – please contact us with your kind ideas. We also have special projects that need sponsors and in-kind donations.

Offer Flowers to the Stupa

We’re in the process of adding more flowers to the gardens around the stupa, and would like it to be blooming year-round. You can read a short article in Mandala Magazine about the ten benefits of offering flowers for inspiration!

Offerings For The Gompa (Meditation Hall)

This creates a lot of merit!

  • A new beautiful non-slip hall rug for Lamas to prostrate on
  • New silk or beautiful table clothes
  • New silk flowers and crystal or clear glass flower vases

Offer Office Supplies

Help us organizing Dharma Teachings.

  • White and bright coloured printing paper (A4)
  • New matching office furniture for a beautiful environment to greet guests

Offer Household Items

Help us providing a clean and safe place for Sangha and our guests.

  • New pillows, duvets, and blankets
  • 3 mattress protectors (wool)
  • 4 Duvet covers for Sangha (dark red)

Offer Kitchen Items

  • Urgently needed: new stove/cooker with 4 elements either gas or power
  • Urgently needed: 2 big power-saving fridges for centre and visitors
  • New/sharp knives
  • New pans & pots
  • Airtight containers

Offer good furniture

Help us making feel people at home.

  • New mattresses
  • Book shelves
  • New chairs  & armchairs

Offer a Library Cabinet For Our Dharma Books

In order to protect them and keep them nice so many more people will be able to read and enjoy Dharma. We also need additional shelving so we can expand the library and keep the Dharma higher off the ground. For measurements and to discuss details, please contact us.