Hayley Harbottle

Haley 2Haley is a fire dancer from Thames, New Zealand and is a partner in ‘Flames of Plenty’ a fire and glow performance group based in the Bay of Plenty.

Haley began her journey into the flow arts in 2006 when she was introduced to poi (fire poi to be exact) and quickly became hooked with learning new moves and finding her flow.

While poi was her first love, over the years Haley has also spent time learning all sorts of Prop Manipulation including Fans, Staff (single, double, dragon), levitation wand, juggling and Hula Hoops of various sizes.

Haley began performing in 2009 with various fire troupes at a wide variety of events both public and private and continues to do so.

Haley has extensive knowledge of poi and hoops (her two props of choice) and is looking forward to sharing some of that with you at the Mahamadra Flow retreat 16-18 Nov, 2018.