The Art of Mindful Living

Weekend Meditation Retreat with Hedwig Bakker

Dates to be announced once the centre reopens

Practicing Mindfulness means: non-judgmentally paying attention to the contents of this moment in an allowing and friendly way.

In daily life we are often not very present, the mind is elsewhere, we act on impulse and we tend to have strong habit patterns. When life situations becoming difficult or challenging, we have the tendency to escape, to turn away or become reactive.

With a mindful attitude we can be more present, aware and successful in every moment of our life and we can deal more skillfully and effectively with inner and outer difficulties.

The attitude of mindfulness can be practiced in many areas of our life. During this program we will focus on the following aspects: paying attention (present moment awareness), embracing what is beneficial, and dealing with challenges or difficult emotions.

What to expect in the retreat:

  • Practice mindfulness during sitting meditation, walking meditation, while eating and while moving
  • Experience the benefits of a mindful attitude and learn how to apply the insights into daily life
  • Get a taste of what it means to be in retreat.
  • Practice in silence for the duration of the retreat

This retreat will be conducted in silence, giving you the opportunity to reflect and integrate the meditation practice

Hedwig Bakker

Hedwig has been has been leading meditation classes, courses and retreats in India, Nepal, the Netherlands and New Zealand since 2004.

These many years of personal practice and leading retreats & courses have resulted in a richness of experience and a genuine joy in sharing, guiding and leading others in meditation practice. 

Program outline

  • FRIDAY – starts with Registrations 1 – 5 pm, dinner @ 6 pm, an intro talk and your first meditation session with Hedwig
  • SATURDAY  –  starts at 7 am with a Sitting Practice and setting a Motivation for the day and ending at 8.45 with a guided meditation
  • SUNDAY – starts at  7 am  with a  Sitting Practice and setting a Motivation for the day  and ends at 3.15 pm.

Course & Accommodation Costs

Facility Fee


This cost covers a facility fee and fully catered vegetarian meals.

10% membership discounts are also applicable for members (please contact the Main Office)

View our Cancellation Policy.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation including camping, is available at the Centre at an extra cost as well as  in the surrounding Coromandel area. Centre accommodation is offered at a 20% discount to those attending the course.

Prices per person/ per night

Single Room (w/ shared toilet facilities)                  $49.00 – 20% = $39.20

Double Room (w/ shared toilet facilities)                $35.00 – 20% – $28.00

Bed in the Dormitory (w/ shared toilet facilities)    $28.00 – 20% = $22.40

Tara Hut (w/ shared toilet facilities)                         $49.00 – 20% = $39.20

Single Cabin (self-contained)                                    $80.00 – 20% = $64.00

Deluxe Cabin (self-contained)                                  $100.00 – 20% = $80.00

Camping (no electrical hook-ups)                           $18.00 – 20% = $14.40

Please note your accommodation option on the booking form and we will send you the confirmation details.