Visiting Us

Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity is situated on 8 acres in the inspirational setting of Colville Valley, Coromandel Peninsula. Surrounded by meadows, woods and the lovely hills, our proximity to beautiful beaches and breathtaking sea views provide an ambience conducive to peace, calm and healing.

Our Centre hosts regular group and individual retreats, activities and events.

Visitors are welcome to drop in, and you can come stay in our accommodation with options ranging from camping up to self-contained cabins.

Like-minded organizations and groups can also rent our facilities.

Mahamudra is an excellent place to take time out from the stresses of busy daily life and turn inwards to find more peace and happiness. You do not have to be a Buddhist to visit or participate in activities – everyone is welcome!

Mahamudra Centre


At Mahamudra Centre, all residents and visitors are asked to follow these five ethical guidelines while on the property:

  • Protect living beings (refrain from killing, even small insects)
  • Respect others belongings (refrain from stealing and taking anything not freely given)
  • Speak truthfully (refrain from lying)
  • Refrain from sexual contact (to create a space for spiritual introspection and development with less distraction; dressing modestly is also encouraged)
  • Refrain from using intoxicants, e.g. alcohol, tobacco, etc. (to help cultivate clarity of mind and body, and create a safe, calm environment for everyone)

Pet Policy

We also have a no dog/pet policy with two exceptions:

  1. For special animal blessing events; and if you are travelling with your pet, we do invite you to stop long enough to walk your pet around the brick walkway of the stupa (at the entrance) clockwise 3 times as a blessing, but not go on other parts of the property and never have the animal off a lead or out of its crate.
  2. With advance special permission from the office

No matter how sweet your pet is, this rule is necessary because:

  1. We have endangered bird life on our property – particularly banded rails and brown teals – that can be scared and hurt by dogs, especially in nesting areas
  2. Other guests are afraid of dogs, particularly people from cultures that don’t keep animals as pets or people who have been injured by aggressive animals
  3. When other guests see dogs on the property, they expect to also be able to bring theirs in the future. When there are multiple dogs, it adds a whole new layer of issues.
  4. We have a cat that has adopted Mahamudra Centre as her home, and she becomes very stressed by visiting animals.